Dear 12th LD Friends, Neighbors and Residents,

Aloha and Welcome to my Campaign Website!

I’m C. Keiki Stacy Weigle, your neighbor in the 12th Legislative District. I live in beautiful Okanogan, high atop a mountain on the Colville Reservation, with my husband Jeff, sons Carson and Kent, our 3 furbabies Kyra Moon, Kolohe Mahina and Ulu Kane, and our laplizard, Draggo.

As some of you may have heard, I have filed to run for WA State House, Seat 1, in the 12th Legislative District. I decided to run because I’ve listened to concerns from my son and his classmates, all of whom are all heading off to college as freshman in the fall.

Our young folks are worrying about the prospects of returning home to live and build their lives. Their parents are concerned, too, as are their grandparents, siblings, family members, friends and neighbors.

I felt this “challenge,” so, I decided the best way to make sure the prospects improved for our kids, all of us, and our future generations was to do something.

I want to legislate for what will improve the prospects of living in our district and I’m committed to making sure what needs to get done… gets done.

I look forward to any opportunities to earn your vote to be your voice in Olympia.

Throughout this website, you’ll learn more about me. I’ve spent over 38 years in Silicon Valley and formal business environments. However, for my campaign website, I want to provide an informal setting that is more welcoming than what other political candidates may do for their online presence.

Exploring the menu above you’ll find my brief and candid Biography, a Statement of Focus, and what I view are key issues, based on what I’ve heard and learned from others living in our district.

I’ve offered more detail about what my focus will be on as a legislator and how key issues are interrelated.

Hopefully, after reading through my campaign website, it’ll help you get to know me a bit better.

Please feel free to reach out to me to ask questions or get clarification. You can email me at:

KeikiForHouse @ Gmail. com or hit me up on social media.