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Dear 12th LD Neighbors and Residents,

As some of you may have heard, I have filed to run for WA State House, Seat 1, in the 12th Legislative District.

I wanted to provide a candid Bio and Statement, which includes more on why I decided to run and with hopes it will help folks start getting to know me a bit better.


I’m C. Keiki Stacy Weigle. Keiki (pronounced like “Kaye-Key”) is short for Keikilani, one of my middle names given to me from the Hawaiian side of my family. Originally from and educated in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve been fortunate to have lived in several states and several countries for my work.

I relocated with my family to Okanogan in 2015. Summers of my youth were spent camping, hunting and fishing in Chelan, Douglas, Grant and Okanogan Counties. My family loves the area and my children want to return home after college to live in the area.

From 1978 – 2004, I worked in the fast-paced rollercoaster ride known as the Technology Industry, in and related to Silicon Valley. I primarily served a management and team-building capacity for innovative start-up companies, including Advanced Micro Devices, Sperry Univac Defense Systems, Osbourne Computer, Breakthrough Software, Symantec, CHRONOS Technologies, Plum Hall, Baltimore Technologies and Forterra Systems. Since 1996, I’ve done business development and product launch projects as a consultant, streamlining my business model to taking on no more than 3 clients per year since 2006.

I’ve also been active in human and civil rights since 1975 and involved as a volunteer for various LGBTQ rights, equality advocacy and political organizations since 1995, currently serving as Vice Chair for the Okanogan County Democratic Central Committee and Founder of #ResistForGood Indivisible. I also enjoy community service, most recently with Mahalo Meals for wildland firefighters, and at the Omak Stampede, doing ticket sales and catering for volunteers.


If elected, I’ll focus my efforts on addressing interrelated key issues that will improve the prospects of living in our district, including:

• Technology/Broadband Upgraded & Widespread Availability
• Job Creation, Living Wage Minimum, Town Revitalization & Affordable Housing
• Educational/Vocational Expanded Offerings
• Quality Healthcare Accessibility/Protected Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid
• DACA Protection/Citizenship Path
• Constitutional, Equal & Tribal Rights
• Environment – Water, Parks & Public Land

This election is personal to me. My son graduates and heads to college this fall. He loves where we live and wants to come back after college, but he worries the prospects aren’t favorable, and he isn’t the only one who feels this way. Over the last 3 years, I’ve listened closely to students, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and business owners speak on issues they feel lessen the prospects of living here. We must do better to improve the prospects of living here for our youth, as well as individuals, families, seniors and businesses by setting and meeting clear objectives to get us there.

To improve the prospects for living in our district for residents, including our youth (staying home after schooling is complete or returning home after college), families. seniors or businesses owners, I’ve surmised that there are seven key issues that are interrelated and must be addressed. The graphic image I’ve posted displays how I see the connections between these key issues.

Interrelated Key Issues

My views on these finding solutions to these interrelated key issues begins with securing the availability and accessibility to upgraded TECHNOLOGY AND BROADBAND services throughout our district.

When we have these upgraded services, new businesses and existing businesses can more readily expand and grow their markets, which can result in JOB CREATION with mandated LIVING WAGE MINIMUMS.

TOWN REVITALIZATION and AFFORDABLE HOUSING can occur as more workers support our towns, our towns have more revenues for projects and both revitalization and housing programs can be funded.

These new jobs need a skilled workforce. We get that skilled work force from our youth who are returning home from college with their new skills. However, we need to better support our youth and residents who stay here with EXPANDED EDUCATIONAL and VOCATIONAL OPTIONS, especially training in technology, nursing and the trades.

Our expanded workforce and our families, as well as our individual and senior population, needs access to local quality HEALTHCARE and prescription drug coverage that is affordable and, ideally, under a universal healthcare program. We all also need to know our SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE is protected, and MEDICAID is available – should something unfortunate temporarily befall them.

We have a valuable population of tax-paying DACA and immigrant labor that supports our diverse agricultural, hospitality and manufacturing industries, all of whom need a PATH TO CITIZENSHIP AND LEGAL OPTIONS to continue to remain beneficial to employers and contributing members in our district.

Now that we have state-of-the-art technology in place, more jobs, revitalized towns, housing options, expanded education/vocation options, universal healthcare, benefit security and paths to citizenship, let’s enjoy the ENVIRONMENT we live in by taking care to protect our WATER, PARKS AND PUBLIC LANDS.

Addressing the above key issues, improves the prospects of living in our district for most everyone. However, we also need to take special care and protect our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS (including the 2nd Amendment with some common-sense gun regulations), EQUAL RIGHTS (without discrimination and regardless of age, ability, faith, gender, orientation or income), and TRIBAL RIGHTS (honoring treaties and building mutually rewarding collaborations).

As you can see, the key issues are interrelated. Understanding those connections helps set clear objectives to address the issues. Fortunately, I take pride in meeting objectives and, although I can’t promise everything that needs to be done can be done within a term that’s a short two-years, I can promise that will do my best to ensure that what can be done gets done to improve the prospects of living in our district.

I’m not a traditional candidate, nor am I running a traditional campaign. I have purple hair and it’s staying that way. I have a strong multicultural and multiracial upbringing, with loving family bonds. Yes, Ohana is my #1 priority, always has been… always will be, and I look at the folks living in the 12thLD as extended Ohana.

I have a diligent work ethic that will only continue with clearly set objectives to meet. I won’t court corporations with special interests who seek influence or control. I’ll run a barebones campaign, putting minimal effort toward fundraising, while keeping expenses to a minimum and my travel effectively planned. I’ll decline candidate debates and do a few select forums or panels. I find it far more effective to listen face-to-face, get to know folks and answer direct questions from individuals or small groups.

I look forward to meeting and getting to know you over the coming months. As you get to know me, if we see eye-to-eye on the key issues, I hope that I can earn your confidence and your vote.

Thank you for your consideration. Mahalo nua loa.

C. Keiki Stacy Weigle
Keiki for House
P.O. Box 324
Okanogan, WA 98840

If you want to learn more about me, please ask. I’m straight up and honest on how I’ve grown, worked, lived and loved family, career, life and living. You can also look at my LinkedIn profile at


Truthfully… I’m going to break the mold on what a candidate looks like and how a campaign is run… I’m late in the game, with family needs that come first, the longshot and underdog, stretched thin on time, self funding so far, with no paid staff, volunteers greatly appreciated and bringing my own rules to change the game!

Campaigning heavier is part of the plan, post son’s graduation, visiting family leaving town and state convention… That version of heavier campaigning may not be the traditional style folks are used to but may be open to, more than most realize. Regardless, I look forward to meeting folks and small groups of folks in the months ahead to listen, learn and present the work needed that I see needing to get done!

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